Friday, February 3, 2017

It’s Time to Quit These 10 Bad Ice-Fishing Habits

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Brian “Bro” Brosdahl of Max, Minnesota spends most winter days ice fishing. With decades of hard-water guiding experience under his belt - or should we say Frabill bibs - Bro has seen it all. While known for creating innovative gear and jigging presentations, Brosdahl says one of the easiest ways anglers can have more enjoyable and fish-filled ice outings is to stop making common mistakes. Here are 10 bad ice-fishing habits to shut-down this season.

1. No Self-Rescue Options
“I meet so many people on the ice that don’t have ice safety picks, or they’re not wearing them in a place where they can get them if they need to self rescue,” Brosdahl said ... Read Full Article

Stay safe!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What you need to know before fishing in Ontario Canada

What you need to know before fishing in Ontario. Includes how to get a fishing licence, Outdoors Card, city fishing, camping on crown land, and eating Ontario fish.
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To fish or hunt in Ontario, most people need a valid licence. This includes:
  • an Outdoors Card (valid for 3 calendar years)
  • fishing and/or hunting licence tags (valid for 1 or 3 calendar years)
You need an Outdoors Card before you can buy a licence tag.
A licence tag is either:
  • a separate document you carry with your plastic Outdoors Card or
  • directly printed on the back of your Outdoors Card
You must carry both an Outdoors Card and the appropriate licence tag whenever you fish or hunt.